Magic jewelry care

Please apply the following basic Magic jewelry care principals to ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime
and stays as beautiful as the day you received it:

Examine the settings, clasps and links of your jewelry - they should be snug and secure.

Avoid exposing all jewelry to chemicals and acids such as household chemicals, perfume, cosmetics and hairspray -
these may cause disintegration and discoloration.

Avoid exposing sterling silver to salty air and sulfur, direct sunlight, or extreme temperatures -
in these conditions sterling silver tarnishes very quickly.

Store silver jewelry in an airtight container, protective lined box or a pouch between wearings.

Remove tarnish with a soft silver polish cloth or, when no gemstones, crystals, or other beads are present, with a non-abrasive silver polish liquid.

If dust settles between the stones and beads, carefully rinse the jewelry in lukewarm water and use a soft cloth to pat dry.
Protect your jewelry from mechanical damage - do not wear it during showering or exercise.

Magic jewelry care
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